Beauty Bar Tips - How to store your bars to maximise their life


Beauty Bar Storage - maximising the life of your bars

A question I am often asked from customers who are new to any kind of beauty bar is how to store them. It's important that each of your bars is stored appropriately for the type of beauty bar that it is. For example a shampoo bar should be stored very differently to a facial oil bar. 

Before we get into our storage ideas, here is a quick summary of how each bar type should be stored.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Shampoo & conditioner bars obviously get very wet when they are in use. It's important though if you want them to last as long as possible that they are allowed to dry out between uses. So, don't leave them sitting on a wet shelf in your shower. Doing this will cause the outer area of the shampoo bar to become over moist - and the soggy bar will dissolve faster than it should.  

Facial moisturiser and Facial Oil Bars

Our solid face cream bars and facial oil bars have similar needs when it comes to storage. They are richly nourishing, moisturising bars and so just like a liquid face cream you want to keep them clean and in a cool dry place. 

Facial Cleanser Bars

Our facial cleanser bars are rich in nourishing butters and a humectant called glycerin. Glycerin helps your skin to absorb moisture and helps to give super-soft skin. What this does mean though is that if your cleanser bar is kept in a very humid environment (ie your shower) it can become a little soggy. To get the most from your bar, allow it to dry out after use and do not leave it sitting in water. If you have a particularly humid bathroom, you might find it beneficial to store your cleanser bar in a pot/jar. If you have a cleansing balm bar, treat it as you would a facial moisturiser bar and keep it dry and clean.

Our beauty bar storage tips

1. The humble soap dish - perfect for shampoo bars and conditioner bars

For those of us old enough to be re-living the 90s we'll remember when soap dishes around the house were the norm. Long before the days of liquid hand soap every house had a stash of soap dishes by every sink. 

You can get as flash and fancy as you like, but we love the simple wooden and bamboo designs which offer sustainable as well as long lasting care for your bars. It's important to choose a soap dish that drains well.. function over form is critical here.

Something like this soap tray from the Natural Co is a perfect choice.

If your bathroom isn't too humid, the soap dish is a great spot for your facial cleanser bar too. 


2. Glass or Porcelain Jars - perfect for solid face cream bars and facial oil bars

This is where you can really make your beauty regime slot in with your home decor style. There are plenty of options when it comes to small jars and trinket containers for your solid face cream or facial oil bars.

I picked up some glass and bamboo jars here (insert image) which are perfect as they have a moisture protecting seal, and being clear I can easily see what is in them. I use them for my pink clay cleansing bar too.

You could get all fancy and vintage with coloured glass like these (here), or make the most of trinket jars you've collected over the years (insert image here).

 These little jars from KMart do a great job

3. A tin case/pot

A tin case is great for storing oil based bars like face cream bars, or cleanser bars. They'll do a great job of keeping them dust free and clean. Tins are also great travel options for your shampoo and conditioner bars but be careful not to store them in the tin when they are wet as they may turn a bit mushy. Allow your bars to dry out before you store them in a tin. 

4. Beeswax wraps

Another great choice for when you are travelling is a beeswax (or vegan wax) wrap. They keep you bars clean and dry and are really easy to clean with just a rinse under the tap to remove any residue. 

5. Reuse existing jars

One of the best ways to reduce your impact on the planet is to consume less and reuse what you already have. The chances are you will have a stash of jars that would be perfectly suited to storing your jars. Just make sure they are clean and they'll be just right. You can near-sterilise glass by putting it on the top shelf of your dishwasher and putting it on the hottest wash.

If you are storing face cream in a re-useable jar just make sure it is airtight and if possible a darker glass. Our face creams are packed full of plant based oils and active ingredients and being protected from the sunlight will help them to last as long as possible. 

6. A block dock 

We especially love these nifty little bar 'docks'. They are perfect in your shower for storing your shampoo and conditioner bars. They make sure your bar is well drained and gets plenty of air to dry out.


There are a heap of different ways to store your beauty bars. Just remember to let your 'wet' bars dry out and store your oil based bars in a cool, dry and clean place. You can re-use your favourite trinket boxes, jars and pots to really put some style into your storage.

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