Plastic-Free Beauty: 6 Ways to Keep Plastic Out of Your Beauty Regime


At Belle and Co, our focus isn’t just on natural and organic beauty products. It’s also on zero - low waste to help make our world a more beautiful place. That means no plastic, at all, ever.
We know it can be hard to break away from all the plastics around us, especially when it comes to our beauty faves but we're here to find your new favourites - plastic free. Here are some tips to get you started on your plastic free beauty journey:

Be choosey - use up what you have then opt for plastic free!

Waste not, want not - don't ditch what you already have. Use it up, recycle the packaging, and choose a plastic-free beauty option in the form of a solid bar. You’ll find them for hair, face, body, lotions, and more. Belle and Co products contain no nasties and many are vegan too. We try and create everything in a packaging free bar and only when there is no other option will go for a fully recyclable glass or metal jar. There are lots of options so always look for zero to low waste packaging.  
If what you already have is in a jar, clean and sterilise it (you can do this in the dishwasher hot wash) and then you can buy refills. We offer refills for our face creams and our make up powders.

Stop using cotton pads and face wipes

Most cotton pads and face wipes aren’t biodegradable, plus they all come wrapped in plastic which is terrible for the environment and unnecessary. Choose eco-friendly sponges like the konjac sponge, or opt for a muslin or (organic) cotton flannel to effectively work with your cleansers and keep your face clean.

Shave wisely

We know that smooth, hair-free skin is how you feel most comfortable, but there’s a better way to get it than through cheap plastic razors. Your best option is to choose a safety razor for plastic-free beauty. They create less waste and none of it is plastic! Plus, they give you a better shave than those twinkly pink plastic disposables.

Go for bamboo when you brush

Plastic toothbrushes are another item that clogs up our landfills. Choosing toothbrushes made from bamboo though means that they will naturally decompose in about 6 months. It’s a better choice for the planet and for you too. Don’t forget that most plastics contain nasty toxins, and you’re brushing your teeth with them!

Switch one of your products out for a plastic free beauty product

If we all made even just one small change, one simple switch, we could make a major impact on reducing the amount of plastic in the world. A great way to get started is using a solid shampoo and conditioner, which would save over 80 billion plastic bottles globally. See our range here 

Look for eco-refills

We get that it can be unusual to switch to bars for shampooing and conditioning. If liquid is your thing, you can still get plastic-free beauty by choosing  eco-refills. These come in efficient zero to low waste packaging so you can refill your bottles without clogging up the landfills. Belle and Co sells both refill products and also runs a return and earn scheme. You can return your empties for a refill and save $'s from your next order. Find out more  

 Let's do this together - make a change today towards plastic-free beauty and we can make the world a more beautiful place!

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