Spring Clean Your Regime: make zero waste beauty your choice this season


spring clean your beauty regime

Spring Clean Your Regime: making zero waste beauty your choice this season

We all love Spring and the warmth and new life it brings. It truly lends itself to fresh starts and the introduction of new goals and habits so what better time to make some conscious sustainable changes to your beauty regime. Now is the time to do it - gradually replacing the old with the new is what Spring is all about, so include your skincare in your spring clean!

As you begin the process of eliminating plastic, excess packaging and harsh chemicals from your bathroom take time to think about what your skin and hair needs.  You have the chance to bring some fresh, zero-waste beauty products to your regime and discover a new world of sustainable cosmetics!

It's important with whatever products you are using to treat your skin well, cleansing and moisturising with the best products for your skin. 

belle and co plastic free face creams

Start your day right: Morning routine

Just as people say that breakfast is the most important meal, refreshing your skin in the morning is one of the most important skincare habits you can put into place for yourself. You may not be a rough sleeper, but starting your day with clean, fresh skin will set you up to look your and feel at your best. It's crucial that you revitalise and clean your skin properly 

If you’re looking for a plastic free alternative to your facial cleanser, our 5 star Pink Clay Cleansing Bar is zero-waste, and great for all skin types. It's one of our customer's favourites (as well as my own!). It will leave your face soft, hydrated and clean. 

Once you have cleansed your face, it's important to properly hydrate and nourish with a moisturiser. We have a range of zero waste moisturiser bars and sell our face creams in planet friendly refills. If you are looking to make the switch and don't know where to start, our Super Food Face Cream is a great choice. It is packed full of skin-loving goodies and will leave your skin soft, supple, and ready to face the day! All our cream based products are sold in a refill option so hang onto a jar you already have to make a zero waste choice.

Work hard while you sleep: Evening Routine

After a long day, you feel the tired and your skin is just the same. After being out and about, especially as the days warm up it has to deal with the sun's rays and pollutants in the air. The night time is your body and your skin's time to recover and rejuvenate and using the right products at night can really help to give your skin the boost it needs.  You can wash your cares away and prepare for a restful night’s sleep with just a few steps.

Cleansing at night and washing away the day can be a theraputic way to wind down for sleep. I love the Belle & Co Gentle Cleansing Facial Balm Bar at night time. It cleans deep down but is extra hydrating and with a gentle blend of essential oils it smells divine and helps soothe ready for sleep. It is not only gentle and calming but feels so great to use this zero-waste, plastic-free cleanser will change your routine for good.

It's really important to moisturise at night. Your skin can work harder to repair during the night so your choice of moisturiser can make a bigger difference when you are sleeping. Your skin can benefit from a facial oil treatment under your moisturiser at bed time. Belle & Co's facial oil bars are the perfect way to make this step zero- waste. Once you've chosen the oil bar for your skin type, just warm it gently in your hands and pat lightly to 'press' the oils into your skin.  

The last step before bed is to moisturise one more time before you hit the pillows. A high quality face cream will help your skin rest, recuperate and regenerate to keep you looking fresh for the morning. All of our face creams, and moisturiser bars are suitable for use as a night time moisturiser but if you are looking for a hard working night cream, the Rich Rose Night Cream is for you. It deeply hydrates and works hard with collagen boosting rose and rose hip oils which leaves it smelling heavenly too ;) 

Pampering Treats 

Changing up your morning and evening routine with plastic free beauty options will have your skin looking its best. There's always room for a pampering treat though and when you want to give your skin an extra boost turn to our Pink Clay Face Mask. Available in a plant based refill your skin will thank you as much as the planet. It is deeply nourishing, packed with skin saving rose hip oil and will leave your skin hydrated, soft and toned. 

plastic free zero waste skin care

Make the switch to Zero-Waste Beauty Today!

Replacing your skincare regime isn't always an easy task, and you don't need to tackle everything at once. Simply replacing your old items with new sustainable choices  as they run out is a great way to incorporate zero-waste and plastic-free options into your bathroom.

With Belle & Co switching to sustainable, planet friendly beauty products will have your skin thanking you as much as the planet!




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