Take Action for the Amazon and the Planet - Here's how you can help


I am feeling numb about the news right now and have felt helpless as I read article after article about the fires raging in the Amazon right now. I've been despairing, sad and angry, not really knowing what I can do or how I can make a difference in the context of such huge devastation. I'm acutely aware of the impact the beauty industry has on the environment yet at the same time some of our most precious beauty ingredients are sourced directly from the rainforests that are being flattened. It's utter madness to me.

The Amazon is the lungs of the earth. It generates 20% of the world's oxygen - that's every 5th breath you take. And right now there are 9500 fires raging through this precious rainforest. The Amazon should be producing clean oxygen instead it is releasing carbon at a scary rate. The devastation can be seen from space and the global impact is simple not something that we can calculate.

 Images from Nasa about Amazon fires

The Amazon is one of our greatest assets in the fight against climate change and we need to get everyone on the same page in realising how valuable it is. We have to make people see that it is more valuable that the flattened earth these fires are leaving behind - the experts agree. While one time donation may help battle the fires right now, to effect long term change different approaches are needed.

A lot of this is in the hands of government - and not ours which can leave us with that helpless feeling. There is a lot we can do though to both support the protection of the Amazon and to make an impact in the battle against the climate emergency. 

The most important thing is to do something. If you want something to change YOU have to do something different.

if you want something to change do something different 

What's Belle & Co going to change?

I've been quite quiet in the last week, not really knowing the best way forward. I was about to kick off a little campaign about our Cacay range but that feIt so wrong when the place this precious oil is sourced from is burning.

Instead I've put my effort into working through ways in which Belle & Co,  all the way down here in NZ can help to make a bigger change. I am firmly of the belief that the cumulative effect of little change can add up to great big things and so with some new energy I'm hatching a plan and want to help you all with some ideas too.

Round Up - One Tree Planted

As of today, there is a new feature in my website's checkout that means you can 'round up' and donate to tree planting organisations.

If your order is $10.50, rounding up takes it to $11.00 and that 0.50 donation is sent directly to the charity. Belle & Co will match the round up donations made to double the effect that we can make as a little community.

I have chosen to work with One Tree Planted as it gives us a direct way to get more trees back in the ground. Every dollar donated means 1 tree is planted. The group plants in key areas around the globe, including the Amazon.

It's simple to donate - if you don't want to round up, just untick the box.

You can read more about One Tree Planted here.


Sustainable Production and Zero Waste Beauty Products

Belle & Co's mission is to bring you pampering skin and hair treats that are sustainably made, with as little waste as possible. Beauty doesn't need to cost the earth.

Wherever we can, we formulate our products to be zero waste, needing just a paper wrap to get them to you. We are 100% plastic free, no bottles, no plastic lids. Our creams and masks come in cellulose refill pouches.

We source our products from fair trade, organic suppliers. Most of our products are vegan and all are palm oil free. We try our hardest to give you a beauty range that work's wonders for you and the planet and we commit to continue on this journey, making more of our products zero waste as we go!

What change can you make to help fight climate change and help to save the Amazon rainforest

Make a Donation

I'm not talking about rounding up your checkout. There are International Conservation groups who are trying to do amazing things and we can all support them to help the immediate problem and help to drive long term change. A $25 donation can help to protect an acre of rainforest. This not only helps to protect against climate change, but also protects a vital habitat for indigenous peoples and wildlife.

Rainforest Alliance


Earth Alliance

Conservation International 

Get Political

Make your voice heard. Lobby, join in with protests, sign petitions, share articles and influence your friends to help make change. Let our government and your local representatives know that these issues matter to you. Action by governments to make change is critical so we need to get this up their agenda!



Reduce your carbon footprint

There are many small things we can do day to day to make a difference and lower our carbon footprint. Eating less meat is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make this change.

I'm not saying you have to be vegan or even vegetarian but just having a few meat and dairy free days a week makes a difference. When it comes to meat knowing the best for the planet options too can help. Beef is the least planet friendly of all the meats. Chicken is a just a fraction of beef’s carbon emissions and it has the lowest carbon footprint of any animal protein, so just switching to chicken will have a big impact on your footprint.

Consume consciously

The smallest of changes over a long time adds up. Switching from favourite, go to options can be difficult habits to break but if you take the time to really think about the things you buy before you buy them you'll find you are saving money as well as the planet.

Before you buy anything think about whether you really need it - and it's ok to want something you don’t really need, but think about the impact of what you are buying and try to make sustainable choices

  • Is it sustainable?
  • Will it last?
  • Is there a more planet friendly option?
  • Is it plastic free?
  • Do I already have something that does the same thing?
  • Is there a more environmentally friendly option?

Be Vocal

Don't be afraid to have a voice when it comes to this subject. The more awareness spreads, the faster change can happen. We need to fight together to protect our earth. 

Amazon Rainforest - the key to climate change

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