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 natural beauty

Every day, we all go through the motions of getting ourselves ready for the world. We wash and style our hair. We cleanse and hydrate our skin. And if we’re so inclined, we might pop a bit of makeup on to smooth things out. However, beauty goes well beneath the surface so it's worth investing in products that are natural and really deliver the results you are looking for.  

The damages chemicals can do to us are widely reported and when you also consider the impact our mass produced beauty products have on the environment it’s only natural to turn to a more natural way of beauty. Using beauty products that are plant-based can bring about amazing results without harming you or the environment. 

Here are  just a few of the many reasons why you should think about switching to natural beauty products


- They don’t contain harmful chemicals

Natural beauty products enrich the appearance of your face, hair, and body with nourishing plant-based ingredients and essential oils. None of these items damage your body or the environment so they’re a much better choice. Parabens and phthalates, which are often found in mass produced products have been shown to have a number of unpleasant risks.  You reduce your risks and improve your health with natural beauty choices.

- They only contain essential oils for fragrance

One clue that you’re not using a natural beauty product is when the label states “fragrance” on it. That so-called “fragrance” is nothing more than a manufactured cocktail that can be dangerous for you and everyone around you. Natural essential oils on the other hand don’t cause any harm and smell heavenly on their own - and in fact will often turbo charge your beauty products performance.

- They deeply nourish your skin and hair

Just think about what a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, vitamin and nutrient rich food does for your overall health. Now think about having that same approach to to your beauty regime and just imagine what natural beauty products can do from the outside in! Read the labels on the packaging of natural beauty products and you’ll see real ingredients from botanicals, ethically-sourced and harvested to make the world, and you, more beautiful without harm. 

- They focus on low-zero packaging

Aside from being pumped with chemicals, when thinking about mass produced beauty products, you should be outraged by the waste created from them. Ever buy a pot of face cream only to have to unearth it out of a massive box filled with  wasted packaging? And what about the pot itself? At Belle and Co's, when you choose our natural skin and hair care products, you aren't just choosing amazing ingredients, locally and sustainably sourced. You are making a choice to reduce your packaging impact. We formulate as many of our products to need nothing ore than a wrap of biodegradable paper. Where we do use jars we use sustainable products and offer a refill service to keep our waste low. 

Fortunately, looking your best naturally while pleasing the planet is easier than ever. Take a look at our products and you’ll see we only use natural beauty ingredients from plant-based sources. We keep packaging to a minimum and put the focus on beautifying people and the planet for a brighter tomorrow!

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