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Making the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars is great for your hair and the planet

Let's face it we all want shiny, healthy trouble free hair and often will go to great lengths (no pun intended!) to get it. This can often mean a bathroom shelf full of synthetic filled lotions and potions in plastic bottles promising great things for your hair.

But it doesn't have to be that way. 

Your hair deserves the best treatment it can get with the best ingredients possible. Our body and hair craves natural ingredients and products that nourish and bring life to our luscious locks. Chemicals and additives that are present in standard hair care products can be damaging and unhealthy for your hair.

A large majority of hair care products are filled with additives, chemicals, parabens, and much more that is not the best for your hair, for your wellbeing nor are their packaging and production methods good for the environment.

Plastic Free, Zero Waste Hair Care

At Belle and Co we are focused on sustainable production and the formulation of zero waste & plastic free hair care products. We want to show the beauty industry how to clean up its act and reduce the packaging waste in beauty products. All while also providing you with the healthiest and best hair care possible.

With plastic waste on the rise and it continuing to be an ever-growing problem in our world, it is important for us that we help to reduce our carbon footprint by making all of our products as environmentally friendly as possible. All of our shampoo bars are completely plastic-free and zero waste. They are simply wrapped in a bio-degradable paper wrap so that there is no waste leftover when the bar is gone.

On top of being environmentally friendly, we also make sure our products pack a performance punch with as many hair care benefits as possible.

1. Our shampoo bars are super concentrated and last 4X longer than the average, standard shampoo bottle.

Why is this, you may ask? Well, the standard bottle of shampoo is largely water, while our shampoo bars are packed with all that you need to be clean and healthy without the fluff.

2. Every shampoo and conditioner bar is made only of natural and plant-derived ingredients

Not only does this make sure that our bars do wonderful things for your hair, it's also reassuring to know that only natural products and no nasty chemicals, parabens, synthetic products or additives that are present in many other hair-care products are in ours.

Our formulations are perfectly balanced and our testers consistently report that they can last an extra 1-2 days between washes - what a bonus ;) 

3. Soap Free Shampoo bars 

There are many shampoo bars on sale that are effectively soap bars for your hair. You can generally spot these from 2 things. Firstly the price as they will be cheap.. Secondly looking at the label you will see Lye or Sodium Hydroxide in the label.

Soap based shampoo bars are not so good for your hair. The pH of our hair and skin is very different and a soap based shampoo bar will leave your hair feeling rough, frizzy and just not good.

Our bars are not soap bars for hair but Shampoo Bars - carefully pH balanced for your hair to leave your hair feeling like hair!

4. Vegan Hair Care

Our ingredients are plant based, natural and organic products. Our production is sustainable and our products are all made in small batches so you can be sure that it's not only packed full of goodness but is freshly made too. Right here in New Zealand.  We never test on animals - well only the human kind!

Make the Switch to Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Today!

So, you don't need to choose your hair over the planet. Feed it natural, plant-derived ingredient while also reducing your carbon footprint left in the world. Feel the nourishment and health that comes from changing you hair care methods. Switch to natural, you won’t regret it (and your hair won’t either)!

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