Plastic: It’s Rubbish

We live in a world surrounded by single-use plastic. Think about how much plastic you use in a day; a takeaway coffee, a sandwich, a carrier bag, the packaging on your groceries – the amount of disposable plastic we use in just 24 hours soon adds up.

The sad fact is that through plastic waste, our oceans and ecosystems have suffered and frankly - plastic is rubbish.

We wanted to do things differently and create indulgent beauty products that would also benefit our environment, removing pointless plastic.

Our Solid Beauty Bars

Free of synthetic additives, fragrances or silicone fillers, our solid shampoo and conditioner bars are made using natural and concentrated formulas. As we don’t include unnecessary ingredients like water; our solid beauty bars only contain what you and your locks really need.

Did you know that most bottled shampoos are 80% water, and some conditioners contain as much as 95% water? Seems unnecessary when you can add that in yourself. Each shampoo bar or conditioner bar we make contains just natural and nourishing ingredients, without the extra H20.

Plus, you only need a small amount to work wonders; our highly-concentrated solid beauty bars, packed with organic ingredients, does the job of multiple bottles of shampoo or conditioner. Fact: one beauty bar will last 4 x longer than a bottled option would - better for the planet, and your pocket.

Organic Ingredients

We pack our natural solid shampoo and conditioner bars full of high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. We don’t include harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), synthetic fragrances or fillers. All of our products are made using pure, natural ingredients, which leave your hair feeling silky and soft – and don’t cost the earth.

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