Return & Earn

Who doesn't want a discount on their next shop with us?

Reducing our packaging waste is a top priority for Belle and Co. We try to develop products that don't need any packaging at all, but for some products you just can't avoid it.

But, if you have an empty Belle and Co glass bottle, jar or ceramic container do one of these 2 things:

Buy our naked refills - carefully clean your jar and buy your next product as a naked refill. Our face creams are shipped in a biodegradable plant based cellulose pouch. <br>Transfer your cream you your clean jar as soon as it arrives. Make up powder refills are shipped in a paper pouch and can be refilled in just the same way. 

Return your empties to us - return your empty glass jars and we will clean, sterilise them and reuse them. We'll send you a $5 voucher to use on your next purchase with us. To return a jar to us reuse your original packaging and ship to: Belle & Co, Silverdale, 0932.

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